What Is the Cost of A New Fuel Pump? Make Sure You’re Not Overpaying

Fuel Pumps can be expensive, if you don’t search properly and head to the first vendor you find your city. The cost of new fuel pump varies and you must implement in-depth research before purchasing one. Why? Because the prices can be vastly different and because you can save a lot of money with one single purchase. Too many times we’ve heard people overpaying, so that it is why we will breakdown few simple tips to avoid this frustrating situation.


First you need to know that the prices of fuel pumps have changed dramatically over the years. If you have a memory from several years ago that you payed less than $50 for a new fuel pump, you can forget that. That is because the contemporary cars use new electric fuel pumps. They are more expensive and you should expect to pay few hundred bucks. The cost of the fuel pump varies, as the labor that is needed to install the new fuel pump.

Expected cost

The newer the car model the more expensive the cost of new fuel pump will be. However, the price also depends from the brand of your car. Although the labor to replace is fixed somewhere around $300-$400, the fuel pump price may vary from $300 to $600. Usually, it’s somewhere around $500.

Personalized online estimates

If you don’t want to be overpriced by your local car parts shop, then you can search for prices online. The best thing is to visit the repair estimate cost sites. There you need to enter the model of your car and give some info about the year and you will get detailed cost of the part and the labor. It is smart to visit several of these websites in order to check the price. Also, you can visit repair estimate sites for your car brand, which is maybe the smartest thing to do.

Pro Tip Before Getting A New Fuel Pump and some info on the cost

Visit your local mechanic to run a test. To be more specific, he needs to do a fuel pressure test on it first. With simple words, if the pressure does not rise during the test you need a new fuel pump and filter. Make sure they do the test first and get them to show you the results.

Another price factor in getting a new fuel pump we didn’t mention earlier is the pump access. Depending on the pump access the price may vary. Note that you need to pay less if the mechanics can get to the pump from the back seat.

Final Thoughts

We pointed out the few important things you must know before you get the right cost of new fuel pump. Be sure to run the test, visit several mechanics and do an online estimate before replacing it. This process may save hundred to two hundred dollars and will assure for you to not overpay your new fuel pump.

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