The Story Behind The Price Of A Fuel Pump: How Much Does Manufacturing Of A Pump Costs

Fuel pumps, like any car part are likely to be damaged. When this occurs and a new fuel pump needs to bought and installed, the first mistake the buyer makes is going to the first local dealership and paying any price the dealer would require. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. If you are informed about the price, price range and what determines the price of the fuel pump, you’ll may save big money on your next purchase. We will list the factors that determine the price below.


The brand of the vehicle

First and most importantly the price of the fuel pump is determined by the brand of the car. This is usual for the other car parts as well. If you own a car from the European or Asian market, it is more likely to pay more, especially if you are driving car that is luxurious. Mid-range cars have some standard average cost from $300-400.

The distribution channel

Like we said the brand of the vehicle is important. Many part suppliers and mechanics have the most types of fuel pumps. However, if your brand or model is not that popular, you may need to export from outside U.S. This can strongly influence the price and you may end up paying double the price.

The Year of Production

The older car parts are a lot less cheap for most brands. If you are driving a car produced in the 90s and the 2000s, you are most likely to pay 50%-70% cheaper than the cars produced in the 2010s. Don’t let the mechanics or the dealer that is trying to sell you the fuel pump trick you that they cost the same no matter the year of production.

The Labour Cost

It is important to do a little research on this. You may save up to $70 from one mechanic to another. Thus, again don’t go to the first and closest mechanic. There are mobile mechanics for example that may come to your house and install the fuel pump cheaper. Also, before getting into work with some mechanic read online reviews about that particular mechanic. They can reveal a lot about his work quality and prices. This is crucial because finding a mechanic that you can fully trust is rare nowadays, but if you find the best ones at a reasonable price, it can be amazing for you on the long term.

Final Thoughts

These are the 4 factors that have strong influence on the price of the fuel pump. No one wants to deal with that frustrating moment of buying, repairing or installing a new fuel pump, but when the moment

comes, it’s great to have this info. It may end up saving you few hundred dollars and saving you from lots of future frustrating moments in cases of bad or low quality work and overpaying.

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