Reels With Hose And Nozzle for Dispensing Lubricants at Workshops

High quality reels for attachment with hose and nozzle are an essential part of any clean and orderly workshop. They serve to organize the clean and safe dispensing of lubricants, in an arrangement that facilitates easy dispensing for use by machines, engines and all kinds of vehicles. Such a lubricant disbursing system is useful not only in automobiles and other vehicles, but in all kinds of workshops that need to dispense lubricants on a regular and voluminous basis.

Such a reel system arrangement may be installed without having to spend a lot. It should be incorporated in the workshop in such a way that it is easy to use and is extremely durable. There is an increased demand on various industries to improve oil and fluid cleanliness, reduced service time interval, and manual handling. Thus, there have been progressive shifts in workshops from packaged product dispensing to bulk dispensing through the use of fixed dispensing networks throughout their facilities.


According to industry standards, dirt content in the workshop increases by one level or code each time fluids are transferred from one container to another. Progressive workshops now decrease their transfer numbers by the innovative method of pumping fluids directly from their bulk containers into gearbox compartments, engines, and wherever these fluids are needed.

The benefits of having reels with hose and nozzle for lubricant dispensing is that they reduce spills of fluids from transfer from bulk containers and drums. This helps lower costs and wastage. Another cost saving benefit is the reduction of residual fluids in the drums, increasing efficiency. There is also no need to store these fluids in space-consuming drums in the workshop. The cleanliness of the workshop is also increased due to less fluid spills. Housekeeping is improved, and industry standards become easier to maintain. Importantly as well is the reduction of injuries incurred from manual handling.

There are several options for storing the fluids in a reel system. Storage can be custom-made to suit a workshop’s specific needs. Options include single and double-stacked IBS systems; SWF tanks in 500-, 1,000- or 2,000-liter capacities; and double skin self bundled tanks in 1,000-, 2,000- or 10,000-liter capacities. Other options for tanks include remote level monitoring capacity; air cleanliness management using 2-micron breathers; and overfill protection of electronic and pneumatic tanks.

Specific parts of the system may include electric or pneumatic pumps; waste oil drain benches with back-to-tank evac; discharge filtration; dispensing control nozzles; grease filtration; pneumatic or spring rewind; hose reels; dispensing meter, whether on the nozzle or inline; SS316 pipe reticulation; thermal relief on the fluid reticulation; labels and color codes; air service units with oilers, filters, or regulator; pressure gauges; and positive air and fluid isolation valves.

Manufacturers of the system may also include standard hose reels and sizes; filtration of tank fill lines; batch meters to precisely measure volumes; sandblasted & painted/galvanized surface protection; over run shutdown; and system pressure monitors. 

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