Superflex Type Filters For Jet Fuel, Diesel No. 2

Superflex Type Filters For Jet Fuel, Diesel No. 2


Enrique Freyre SAC’s Superflex Type Filter for Jet Fuel or Diesel No.2 has been designed immaculately, after extensive research and development, in order to meet the multi-faceted requirements of the Aviation Industry. The superior quality filtration achieved and its field-proven performance, make this superflex filter, one of the most widely used filters for Jet Fuel, Diesel No.2 in Commercial as well as Military Aviation Units. This filtration model is industry-certified, and it can be used in conjunction with coalescer cartridges to emulsify and remove the water particles, as well as weed out particulate contaminants. This Superflex Type Filter is capable of handling varying fluid flows and pressures and is ideal for bulk filtration requirements. Another added advantage of this filtration unit is its compact, well-planned design and construction, along with its durability and ease of maintenance. Considering the stringent parameters of the Aviation Industry, these Superflex Type Filters for Jet Fuel, Diesel No.2 provide filtration standards par excellence.

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