Stationary Equipment For Supplying Lubricants

Equipos Estacionarios Para Despacho De Lubricantes


Stationary Equipment For Supplying Lubricants From Drums, Filters, Pressure Regulators And Line Lubricators.

Timely application of lubricants is essential for the proper functioning and longevity of any automobile or machinery. Enrique Freyre SAC’s Stationary Equipment for Supplying Lubricants ensures that your automobiles and machines are lubricated at regular intervals. This not only ensures the proper functioning of the machinery, it also brings down the downtime and replacement costs considerably, by allowing the machines to be connected to it for lubrication, while they are still operational. Designed by technical experts, this advanced supplying system comprises of a lubricant reservoir, pump, supply lines and nozzle. This Lubricant-Supplying Equipment has been built on advanced technology, and has an in-built controller to measure the quantity before disbursing the lubricant into the machine. With reduction in lubricant wastage and lesser wear and tear of your machinery, this Lubricant Supplying Equipment is very bit worth the amount you spend on it.

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