Jet Fuel Modules

Jet Fuel Modules


We have several categories of Jet Fuel Modules that include remote dispensers, fuel injection modules, pump and filtration modules, enclosed as well as combined modules, which are primarily utilized for the purpose of pumping, filtering, transporting and injecting fuel into the jet aircraft. Built using highly advanced technology, these jet fuel modules are widely used in jet airbases across the world. Additional advantages of Enrique Freyre SAC’s Jet Fuel Modules include the fact that they are built of high-grade metal, have a very compact structure and are very light-weight and portable.  The modules can be used in combination with the high quality reel, hose and nozzle models also available at the Enrique Freyre SAC store. The spare parts and accessories for these Jet Fuel Modules are easily available at hand, and they come at very competitive pricing, thereby offering complete value for money.

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