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Equipment For Dispensing Fuel To Vehicles In Mining Operations


Specially built for rugged terrains and harsh exteriors, Enrique Freyre SAC’s Equipment for Dispensing Fuel to Vehicles in Mining Operations has high quality dispensing outlet channels and transfer pumps that are designed to deliver reliable and optimal performance, for long hours of operation. Its field proven parts and operational efficiency make this Vehicle Fuel Dispenser extremely ideal for use in mining as well as construction sites, for fuelling as well as refuelling vehicles. In fact, this is an extremely safe fuel dispensing option for remote and hazard-prone mining sites. The dispenser nozzle has an auto-shut option, along with a junction box that has start, stop and emergency buttons. Its spare parts are easily available at hand. If the mining site needs to be shifted, installing as well as detaching and transferring this dispenser is convenient and hassle-free.

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