Electric Pumps With Explosion Proof Motors For Airports

Electric Pumps With Explosion Proof Motors For Airports


Enrique Freyre SAC’s high performing, heavy-duty electric pumps with explosion proof motors are the best in the aviation industry, with premium-grade casing and a series of nozzle adaptors and valves, to be used in conjecture with a wide variety of aviation machinery. It offers trouble-free usage with the electric static cable being connected with clamps to the fuselage and a hi-tech, in-built anti-explosive device that prevents explosions. Considering that the element of safety is so crucial to aerospace, this explosion-proof electric motor is the best investment, to operate all electric pumping requirements in airports. Not only is this explosion proof motor ideal for use in commercial airports, heliports, oil exploration activity, mining and construction, it is equally suitable for military aircraft. The motor boasts of high durability, and is priced reasonably.

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