Air Driven Pumps, Reels And Accessories For Dispensing Oils


Air Driven Pumps, Reels And Accessories For Dispensing Oils And Grease.

This Air Driven Pump with Reels and Accessories has the capacity to transfer oil as well as other oil products at high speeds and variable transfer rates and volumes. This is one of Enrique Freyre SAC’s most hi-tech products, and offers complete value for money in terms of handling oil dispensing requirements of Automobile Service Stations and Workshops. Built with high-grade steel and aluminium, this pump, reel and accessory set includes high-quality nozzles and suction pipes as well. This pump offers easy operation and maintenance, with a long pumping life, high flow volumes and multi-channel dispensing options. The in-built volume controllers help in measuring the oil, thereby dispensing controlled volumes and avoiding any wastage in the process. The reels and accessories are of premium quality and can be used in conjunction with conventional oil dispensing systems as well as these particular air-driven pumps. For all oil dispensing purposes in the automobile industry, as well as disbursement of other fluids such as grease and engine coolants, this Air Driven Pump with Reels and Accessories is the best and most reasonably priced option.

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