Nozzles and Swivels for Dispensing Fuel

Nozzles and swivels are a part of the modern fuel dispenser. Dispensers are divided into 2 main parts: the first is the electronic “head” which contains the computer that controls the pump’s action, drives its displays, and communicates with the indoor sales system; the second is the mechanical part, which contains the pumping unit, the electric motor, pulsers, valves, and meters for physically pumping and controlling fuel flow.


Nozzles form a part of the fuel pump. They are connected with flexible hoses and they are the part inserted into the filling inlet of a vehicle. Hoses are made of robust material in order to withstand intense wear & tear, such as weather exposure and being run over by vehicles. They are attached to heavy springs or coils that give them added strength. Breakaway valves are also fitted to hoses in order for the hose and nozzle to be able to instantly break off from accidental pulling, such as when a vehicle inadvertently drives off from the station with the pump nozzle still in its tank filler. In such a case, the fuel flow is also instantly cut off. This occurrence, however, is now rare due to a safety feature of station systems not allowing fuel payment until the pump nozzle is replaced into its holder.

Nozzles are often color-coded as an indicator of the fuel grade they dispense. This color-coding system, however, varies from country to country, and even between individual retailers. As an example, in the United Kingdom, black hoses and handles indicate diesel as the fuel being dispensed; a green nozzle, on the other hand, denotes unleaded fuel. Contrastingly, green nozzle slipcovers and hoses denote diesel pumps in the United States.

Various fuel types also usually have their own specific nozzle size. This prevents accidental filling of a vehicle tank with incompatible fuel. For instance, diesel pump nozzles may be of a size that is too large to fit in vehicle tank fill pipes that use gasoline. A larger diameter for diesel nozzles, however, is not required for service stations, with many diesel pumps being fitted only with standard nozzles. Similarly, nozzles for leaded gasoline are wider than nozzles for unleaded fuel. This is matched by the fillpipe sizes of unleaded-only vehicles, which are narrower than the fillpipes of vehicles using leaded fuel.

Swivels are liquid-tight devices that are installed between dispenser hoses and nozzles. Their function is to facilitate ease of handling by the pump user. Swivels permit the rotation of nozzles without having to rotate the hose. The nozzle’s position can thus be twisted in any angle without having to impose stress on the pump’s hose. Without a swivel, the hose tends to twist, making it hard to handle.

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