Leading-Edge Aircraft Refueling Equipment for Aviaton

Providing a continuous supply of fuel filtered of all particulate matter and water is crucial for optimal and safe working of aircraft. Water molecules and particulate matter can significantly affect aircraft’s structural integrity, and hence must be removed prior to injection of fuel into the system.

Filtration, Aircraft Integrity, and Passenger Safety

Effective filtration of fuel is crucial for the safety of the aircraft’s engine and the passengers. Aircraft engines’ turbines (especially low compression stage) are prone to aggressively reacting to unexpected changes in exhaust pressure caused by expansion of water droplets. Furthermore, presence of particulate matter when combusted at high velocities can easily damage the turbine blades.

Timely and proper filtration of fuel becomes crucial, and is only possible through the use of robust filtration and refueling systems.


Enrique Freyre’s Offerings

Enrique Freyre offers a diverse range of jet fuel and avgas modules, including:

  • Fuel dispensing
  • Pump, metering and filtration

The systems are available as portable and standalone, and both enclosed as well as combined modules that allow transportation, pumping, metering, filtering, and injection of fuel into the aircraft. They have a compact structure, and are light weight — making them highly portable.

The different modules can easily be linked and combined to offer a complete fuel package for refueling aircrafts.

Complete Standalone Aviation Fuel Filters

Enrique Freyre offers complete turnkey solutions for filtration systems in complete compliance with API 1581 standard. Purpose built and designed by specialized engineers to offer high-level filtration for eliminating contaminants from aviation fuel. The Advanced filtration system improves the quality of the aviation fuel by removing solids and water and thereby enhancing the performance, efficiency, and durability of the aircraft’s engine. The residues can then easily be collected for proper treatment and disposal.

Portable Filtration Modules

At times, it is not possible to transport complete filtration vehicles or to bring the aircraft near one due to flight schedules or emergencies. This is where portable filtration systems come into play. Enrique Freyre’s portable filtration module offers an extremely compact filtration unit that features a modular design, a sturdy construction, and proven record of delivering seamless filtration capabilities. The module is lightweight and can easily be transported by a helicopter.

The filtration system is completely standalone, with an internal pressure relief valve for regulating the pressure across the system, and a two stage filtration system for eliminating impurities from the fuel. The filtration module is designed to be extremely resilient to harsh weather conditions, and can be easily deployed in the open.


Variable Capacity Refueling Equipment

Enrique Freyre offers leading edge aircraft refueling equipment to meet various capacity needs of aircraft. The equipment is supplied with the latest filtration systems, complete with a series of attachments like reels, pumps, flow meters , aviation  hose and nozzles. Additionally, the inbuilt fuel filtration system is two stage, removing water and particulate matter.

For further information about our products, visit our Aviation Products page, or Contact Us and talk directly with our representative to discuss your requirements, and concerns.

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