How To Quickly Determine The Quality Of An Oil Dispensing Equipment: 6 Things To Look For

If you use oil dispensing equipment you must know that the quality of an oil is one of the keys to great dispensing. In this article we will talk about the 6 things to look for in order to determine the quality of an oil dispensing equipment.

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1. Is my oil room designed according to requirements?

Your lube/oil room must be in line with the needed requirements if you want your oil dispensing equipment to be quality. That means that your oil dispensing equipment room must be big enough to enable effective and maximum storage. You must limit the bulk storage of the oils, so when the time come, they can be used in timely manner. Also, check if all of the needed space and equipment is properly assessed. There should be space for storage, containers, desks, computer, sampling, filtration etc.

2. Review your bulk oil storage

Are your lubricant storage and handling system in the right settling? Are your lubes and oils in the same room with other chemicals? Is there a possibility for the oils to be contained? Explore all of this, if everything is inline, your oil will most likely be ready for the other quality control.

3. Quality Control

This is the most obvious step and the most needed. The quality control of lubricants delivered from lube suppliers must be verified to ensure the correct product is being delivered. This is the first parameter. Second, you must determine the cleanliness of the delivered lubricant are up to current target particle. You must do the same for the moisture cleanliness levels.

4. Oil Analysis

The quality of an oil dispensing equipment then must continue with the oil analysis. It used to determine whether the lubricants are meeting their standards. It is a powerful tool and will reveal the following: Quality of base stocks, Additive quality and concentration, Lubricant performance properties and Thickener performance properties (grease). All of these are crucially important in the performance of the oil dispensing equipment.

5. Document and store all contaminated containers or other quality issues/Check the documentation about the contaminated oil containers

In order to have it easier for the next shipment keep documentation of the inspection and analysis results. When you know the mistakes, you can quickly determine the quality of the oil dispensing equipment in your next shipment. This is a really smart thing to do because the next time you just need to check the documentation.

6. The dispensing oil must be filtered

No matter what the previous steps determined, the stored oil that is transferred to the top of the container must be filtered, actually it is recommended to assure quality. This step is easy to implement as only a filter with dedicated dispensing nozzles is needed. This is usually done to avoid contamination and to assure the quality of the oil dispensing equipment.

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