Enrique Freyre Offers complete range of mining and construction equipment for dispensing, metering and filtering fuel and lubricants

Mining and developing new sites in remote regions under harsh weather conditions poses various construction challenges, the biggest of which is mitigating project downtime. Hence, successful project management on such sites is directly linked with the ability of the contractors to cost-effectively maintain a continuous supply of fuel and lubricants for the machinery.

Given that constructions and mining sites are often cut from normal supply lines, the most cost-effective solution for maintaining their supply chain of fuel and lubricants for the machinery and vehicles is by using purpose-built multipurpose vehicles for dispensing fuel and lubricants to those sites.


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Standalone Fuel Dispensing Equipment for Mining and Construction Operations

Mining and construction equipment that requires continuous supply of fuel for long durations requires dedicated transfer pumps and dispensing outlets. Enrique Freyre fuel dispensing equipment is custom designed and built for withstanding the harsh climates and rugged terrains often found on mining and construction sites. Easily detachable and transferable, it offers field proven operational efficiency, delivering optimal performance and reliable results for long durations. Furthermore, it is designed to offer safe operations even in hazard-prone mining and construction areas.

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Supporting Mining and Construction Equipment

Timely and proper lubrication of mining and construction machines is crucial for driving optimal performance, increasing their lifespan, and reducing wear and tear, machine failures, and downtimes. Enrique Freyre also offers premium lubrication equipment for grease and oils, among other supporting mining and construction equipment. The equipment allows onsite workers to minimize wastage by easily monitoring, regulating, and dispensing measured quantities of lubricants for the machines.

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