Aircraft Refuelling Equipment

Aircraft refuelers equipment include a wide range of products designed for servicing aircraft fuelling needs. Refuellers are self-contained fuel trucks or hydrant trucks or carts which carry aircraft fuel in hangars and service areas. Self-contained fuel trucks typically contain a maximum of ten thousand US gallons aircraft fuel, having their own hoses, filters, pumps, & other refuelling equipment. In contrast, hydrant carts or trucks need to hook into central pipeline networks to provide the aircraft with fuel. The hydrant system offers a significant advantage compared to the fuel truck because the latter needs to be replenished periodically.

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Aircraft refuelling equipment requires the highest industry standards in technical craftsmanship. A complete refuelling system includes storage tanks; pumps; filtration systems; underground piping; fuel dispensers for overwing as well as underwing fuelling modes; hydrant carts; aircraft fuel; and the required safety and accessory equipment. Some of the newly developed equipments are briefly discussed below.

Hydrant Dispenser Modules may require high-lift platforms with a capacity to reach the highest refueling point in all wide-bodied aircraft, and are among the most important technological developments in aircraft refueling, as they offer shorter lead time as well as competitive pricing. These modules incorporate the most recent operating and safety systems, which may be adapted for the client’s individual needs. Alternative bespoke custom-made module designs may also be available to the exact needed specifications of individual client requirements

Aircraft bulk refuellers may have a fuel load range of five thousand to fifty thousand liters, depending on whether these are rigid vehicles or articulated drawbar trailers. Modular systems may also be custom-made to fulfill aircraft refuelling flow-rates and pressure requirements. Options include low profile designs as well as the capability for defuelling. State-of-the-art refuelling vehicles are equipped with the latest in safety systems and electronic metering. These refuelling vehicles may be suited for servicing small aircraft or large commercial passenger airplanes.



Hydrant Pit Flushing trucks function in servicing hydrant pit boxes and valves. They include articulating hydraulic arm to lift covers. New refuelling hydrant carts may have narrow, compact bodies that are extremely useful in tight operations. Other revolutionary carts may be ideally suited for large hub operations, having improved efficacy and safety. They do not have a chassis, and are designed for ease of service to significantly cut down maintenance and downtime costs.

Other aircraft refuelling spare parts and components include aviation couplings; venturi; swivels; aviation hoses; hose reels and pumpsets; PD Metres; and more. For your aircraft refuelling equipment needs, consider asking for a quote from Enrique Freyre. Enrique Freyre is the industry leader in various fuelling equipment, accessories, tanks, and other associated equipment. They are the experts who can also provide excellent after-sales service that include technical assistance, as well as repair and maintenance advice. Contact them today to ask for their comprehensive product list. Enrique Freyre ensures that you get what you need, when you need it. With Enrique Freyre, you need worry no more about your aircraft refuelling equipment requirements.

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