A Quick Overview of Mechanically and Electrically Driven Fuel Pumps

Fuel delivery is often an essential part of mining and construction operations. Fuel can be delivered from tank trucks to other vehicles in the field or to storage tanks, or from fixed installations to vehicles.

Mechanically Driven Fuel Pumps

Maide YB-50 assy. photoTank trucks can deliver power from the power source, in this case the truck’s running engine, and transmit it to the pump through a drive shaft which can be connected and disconnected. This is the power take-off or power takeoff (PTO) method. The PTO is purchased separately and must be adapted to the truck by taking into account the brand, model and serial number of the transmission. PTOs can be also be connected directly to a hydraulic pump, hydraulic fluid is then pumped to a hydraulic motor which will convert it back to mechanical force. Our company supplies positive displacement (PD) rotary vane pumps which operate at approximately 540 revolutions per minute (RPM) and include an internal relief valve. Since PD pumps tend to maintain an almost constant flow rate regardless of the system’s total dynamic head (TDH), they are an ideal choice whenever downstream appliances such as filters are used. 

Electrically Driven Fuel Pumps 

Electrically driven fuel pumps are used mainly in fixed installations to deliver fuel to vehicles or to storage tanks. Our electric pumps are operated by a gear motor and run at a speed of 650 RPM. The pumps are also equipped with an internal relief valve which is an integral part of the pump. Electric motors supplied with the pumps are flame resistant, and as such can be used in hazardous locations which contain combustible and flammable gases and vapors generated by fuels. The units are supplied mounted on a metal base common to the pump and gear motor.

PTO pumpEnrique Freyre and Fuel Pumps

Enrique Freyre is an industry-wide leader in industrial machinery, and fuel pumps are part of our expertise. Besides sliding vane pumps, we can supply air driven diaphagm pumps which are ideal for several pumping applications. For questions and inquiries about the various kinds of fuel pumps, how they operate, what malfunctions are commonly encountered, and what type of fuel pump is most suitable for your needs, contact Enrique Freyre for an efficient and friendly service.

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