7 Things Aviation Fuel Filters Must Have


Aviation fuel filters are part of the aircraft fuel system and the system can’t function without them. However, after longer period of usage, they tend to be worn out and become unusable. If you are in situation where you need to get a new aviation fuel filter, note that there are several things they must feature in order to operate correctly. They are one of the vital parts that are making sure the aircraft fuel is not contaminated, water and surfactants free. Quality fuel filters usually mean better and high quality performance of the aircraft on long term.

1. Brands Matter

Like in any other industry, brands matter in the fuel filter business as well. The smart thing to do is to buy only from reliable brands and trusted resellers. The aviation fuel filters are a vital part of any aircraft, so either go with the same trusted brand where you buy your aircraft parts or talk with some expert for recommendations.

2. Watch out for the prices

You may overpay if you go to the first place and buy the part right away. Instead search for various brands online before buying something impulsively from the nearest shop.


3. Check out the specs

This is especially important when you buy used aviation filters. Make sure that they are qualified to the stringent specifications for jet fuel filtration. The ones that are not up to standards may perform poorly. Just make sure they are in line with API/EI 1581 (formerly API/IP).

4. The ones with the laser search technology are the best ones

As the aviation fuel filters are used to filter the fuel from water and other contaminants, it is best to use filter that have implemented a laser sensing technology. This technology can simultaneously detect and measure free water and solid contaminants in fuel.


5. There are filters that check just the free water in the fuel

If you need a fuel filter that will only check the free water in the aviation fuel filters, then you can find such filter! There are specific aviation fuel filters that periodically perform checks for the presence of free water in fuel.

6. There are filters that detect surfactants in jet fuel

If you, on the other hand, are interested in detecting surfactants in the jet fuel, you’ll be able to do that with specialized fuel filters. You don’t need to buy the regular ones. The ones that detect surfactants are determining the interfacial value of the aviation jet fuel.


7. Many Different Factors are determining the price

The brand, the cartridge size, the max flow rate, size and length and the max operating temperature are all determining the price of the aviation filter. So, don’t be surprised if there are huge price differences. There are fuel filters from $70-100, but also you can find fuel filters that cost $400+.

No matter the platform you make your purchase on, make sure it is a brand you can trust on and a brand that features online support that can further explain things for you.

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