4 Reasons Why a Multipurpose Fuel Truck and Lubricant Dispensing Is a Must, Especially in South America’s Mines

In an effort to boost efficiency, multi purpose fuel trucks have become the top choice of most South American mines. Versatility is one of the largest driving factors, but to get more specific, take a look at the top 4 reasons articulating multi-purpose trucks (AMT) are a must.


4-reasons-why-multipurpose-fuel-truck-and-lubricant-dispensing-is-must-especially-in-south-americas-minesTerrain Is Unforgiving

It is challenging enough navigating heavy loads with flammable and high-risk contents. When you take into account South America’s remote mines, dirt roads, uneven terrain, steep incline and decline, and increased need for traction—it’s a whole other ballgame. With such unforgiving terrain mining companies can’t be limited to the restrictive options in commercial truck tires. Invest in a multipurpose fuel and lubricating truck, and you can choose between, or swap out tires designed especially for your terrain. This includes tractor tires, heavy duty construction tires, terra tires, and tires designed to drive on sand.

Save You Money At Every Stage In The Mining Process

Your mining site will need to undergo initial construction, ongoing construction, and upgrades—each of which will require you to transport multiple types of loads in and out. Instead of renting or purchasing a new truck for each of your needs, or separate fuel and construction trucks, invest in a fleet of multipurpose trucks that you can transition to the truck you need for each project. Don’t forget that you will also need to have a secure location to store your transition beds and accessories.

Configure Your Trucks Anyway You Like

The end-user configurations and attachments for multi purpose fuel and lubrication trucks are endless. Just a handful of your options include:

  • Flatbed
  • Utility bed
  • Water tank
  • Dump truck
  • Service and lube station
  • Personal carrier
  • Drill
  • Fuel truck

Customizations Make Mining And Dispensing More Efficient

In addition to the impressive options above, mining companies can have their trucks customized to serve their South American mines best. What this means will vary from one company to the next and one mine to the next. In fact, many companies may opt to have a variety of unique customizations within their fleet. This goes beyond transport tanks designed for your particular type of fuel, but to the customized inner-compartments and storage space required for tools, supplies, equipment, rewinding hoses, reels, and nozzles. You can even have space built-in to house your portable filtration units. It’s entirely up to the mining company, with the goal of convenience and efficiency when dispensing fuel, and transporting equipment and fuel to and from the mine or final destination.

If you are looking for an efficient fleet of construction, dispensing and fuel trucks for your South American mines, look no further than multi-purpose AMT trucks. Even if you maintain a handful of single use trucks, you and your drivers will appreciate the addition of versatile alternatives.

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