4 Changes You Can Make That Will Improve Your Gas Station Operations

Clients stop by your gas station for many reasons, with filling up their tank being at the top of the list. Your goal is to get them in and out without delay, meaning that you must ensure your station is set up to meet all of their needs. To streamline and improve your gas station operations, turn to the tips below.


Ensure Your Outside Amenities Are Stocked And Ready

Whether your customers are driving around town or cross-country, there are a few things they expect to have easily accessible when they are filling up. Have each of your attendants work from a shift checklist, to ensure the following amenities are readily available.

  • Ensure your credit card paper at each pump is stocked so receipts are readily available.
  • Make sure your trash cans are clean and have room for the on-the-go trash disposal.
  • Make sure you have clean soapy water, squeegees, and paper towels for quick and easy window washing.
  • Keep your bathrooms clean and stocked, and make sure the key is readily available.
  • Ensure lighting is operational and no bulbs are burnt out.
  • Keep your complimentary air operational, and consider an option with a built-in pressure gauge.
  • Provide ample and well-lit parking for non-gas needs, or for shopping completed before or after filling up.


Keep Driver Necessities And Convenience Items Well-Stocked

Whether you have a full convenience store, or a mini-kiosk—there are a few driver necessities that you must always keep in stock. While your beverage and grocery items may vary, there are still serval basics that your customers expect while driving, traveling, or simply while stopping to get gas on the way home. Some of the must-haves you must have include:

  • Window washer fluid kept by the pumps or front door
  • Gas can to fill empty tanks fast and easy
  • General hygiene supplies—wipes, sanitizer, soap, lotion, sunscreen, lip balm, etc.
  • Water, coffee, soda, sports drinks
  • Quick snacks—power bars, candy, chips, gum, breath mints
  • Grab and go breakfast and lunch items
  • Grab and go bags of ice
  • Inexpensive sunglass
  • Consider adding a paid-for interior vacuum and/or shampooer
  • Ice scraper, generic oil, coolant, and seasonal driver supplies.


Utilize Gas Station Operations Checklists

One of the easiest ways to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, is to create gas station operations checklists. This includes daily, weekly, and monthly checklists. Your daily checklists ensure shift-by-shift accountability, and your weekly and monthly checklists ensure detail cleaning and occasional tasks are accounted for. In addition to your operational checklists, ensure you have an inventory management system—complete with inventory pars. If you have a busy or slow season or local event, pars may need to be adjusted to reflect this.

Hire Attentive Customer Service Representatives

Last but certainly not least, you must hire attentive customers service representatives who keep your gas station operations meet your high standards of excellence.

The changes above will provide your customers with easy access to the amenities, products, and services they expect when they stop to fill up their tank.

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