3 Pieces of Equipment You Need in Constant Working Condition in Remote Mining and Construction Sites

The list of equipment you need in full operating condition while mining in South America and beyond is much longer than the three below. However, the equipment listed below is essential for the most basic of mining and construction—particularly in remote areas.


Air Dewatering Pumps

Air dewatering pumps are required for both mining and constructions sites. Air pumps have the important job of eliminating the water in mining tunnels, including the rock, mineral particles, metal shavings, and other debris that is too large to be removed by filters. These heavy-duty pumps are essential for optimal workflow, and for minimizing the exposure to on-site hazardous material. When working on damp and exposed construction sites, air dewatering pumps work to drain water, minimize puddles and flooding, and improve all-around safety in damp conditions.

Communication Devices

You might be in the middle of nowhere, but you need to be able to communicate with both your team—and your equipment. There are an endless variety of communication devices, and every construction or mining company has their equipment of choice. Just a few of the must haves include:

  • Handheld or hardhat built-in on-site radios. These are used for direct communication to and from all team members, or at least one team member in each location.
  • Handheld radio-frequency remote controls used to operate all types of heavy machinery—hydraulic cranes, lifts, concrete pumps, tracked vehicles, and a long list of mining and construction equipment. Emergency stop must be built-in.
  • Wireless long-distance communication equipment. This includes mobile phones, notebooks, and computers that can be used for both general and emergency communication—even when in remote locations.

Safe Storage Of Hazardous Materials

Almost every construction site, and absolutely every mining site, has some type of hazardous materials. This could include the fuel in the tanks you use to conveniently gas up your heavy equipment, to the fuel you are mining, and other chemicals used to clean, maintain, and run operations. These materials must be stored in secure tanks or storage units designed specifically for the type of hazardous material required. Your team must also be properly trained on safe handling, emergency procedures, the work site safety plan, and how to maintain compliance with regional ordinances.

These three pieces of equipment are of course in addition to all of the heavy machinery you require to get the job done, which will vary from one site to the next.

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